Why You Should Always Get Your Sewing Machine Repaired ASAP

Sewing machines are big, heavy pieces of equipment that contain quite a lot of components that all need to be maintained to a high degree to allow you to continue your many different tasks. Many people keep sewing machines through generations because there really is no expiry date for these appliances, and in fact, they are often designed to last for decades upon decades. However, ageing does happen and sometimes malfunctions will occur. Read More 

4 Reasons Why You Coffee Machine Might Stop Frothing Milk

While anyone looking for nothing more than an average cup of joe will be perfectly fine with boiling water and instant coffee, those who want something more interesting and tasty will need frothed milk. Any genuine espresso coffee, such as a cappuccino or a macchiato, will need frothed milk, so professional baristas take a huge amount of pride in their ability to make it. You can also make coffees with frothed milk when you have a coffee maker, but sometimes you'll find that the milk just won't play ball. Read More 

Jammed Sewing Machine? A Troubleshooting Guide

Making your own clothes and soft furnishings is a very rewarding hobby, as long as your sewing machine is playing ball!  Having your sewing machine regularly serviced and keeping it well-maintained should go a long way towards preventing annoying jams, but they can still happen.  Sometimes you can un-jam the machine yourself to keep it running smoothly between services.  Here's a helpful troubleshooting guide to fixing your jammed sewing machine. Read More 

How to Reduce Risk of Fire From Appliances

There are many fire risks in your home, from faulty wiring to having flammable materials near a heat source. Another risk of fire is due to your appliances. These can be big or small appliances, such as the water heater, washing machine, microwave, and range. Here are some tips for reducing your risk from an appliance fire. Keep Appliances Away From Wet Areas This is mostly important for smaller appliances that get moved around. Read More 

4 Seasonal Maintenance Tasks to Perform on Your Ducted Heating System

If you have a ducted gas heating system, you might be concerned about keeping it running smoothly. With regular inspections and maintenance, you should experience few repairs and not have to replace it for a long time. Here are some maintenance tasks to do every time the season changes for a ducted system, helping with both the heater and air conditioner. Change the Air Filters Your ducted heating system has an air filter that captures debris and dander so that it doesn't escape the vents and enter your home's air supply. Read More